80 Twink DK thoughts and guide (if wanted)

Death Knight
So I've gotten geared at level 80, just wanted to see if anyone else had interst in an 80 twink DK, i find it mildly amusing to own the 84s that join a BG thinking they're good because they have double my hp and half the damage xD so here's a link to my armory to check out what i have


PvE trinkets are Might of the Ocean, and Herkulmi War Tolken
PvP trinkets are Sindragosa's Flawless Fang and Titan Forged Rune of Cruelty

My PvP set has no resil as i like to go in and do massive damage and then back out and regain HP back, i'm basically burst damage and cause big booms against everyone xD

In PvE I tend to pull between 12-17k DPS depending on the group and boss (15k on LK every single time >.<)
Please if you have any info on how to better my character, let me know.
We have a thread for this over in the BG forums.

Pretty sure I ground you up a few times, or would have, if we'd ever been one-on-one.

First off, no resilience is idiotic. Damage is high in this bracket, and the big part of getting kills is surviving long enough to get them.

Also, you have NO professions.

I'd reccomend you get Alchemy and Engineering, but you're not going to want Alchemy in MoP, so pick up LW or Tailoring instead.

Also, get the belt I have and put a 50 strength gem in it. Primary stats beat secondary stats.

Don't bother with swapping out the relic, that's going away in MoP.

Also, swap that bracer enchant to strength and pick up a strength Jasper Ring.

STRENGTH. You want as much of it as you can get.
Im not quite sure how resil would help too much in this bracket.

Here's my understanding in this PvP bracket thus far.

84s need to go down quick and fast, resil sets a limit to your damage and you generally can't get them down fast enough.

80s in resil sets take less damage, but if you can power through their CDs your golden.

The problem that i come across (but not often enough to bother me) is when im double or triple teamed, i can usually hit off enough blows to bring them all down to about half hp or less before backup arrives and I'm dead.

I also find that a majority of what i face is either kitable or i can mitigate the incoming damage long enough to kill them. (Warriors, mages, locks, etc)

The rest i'll do because i see how that would be better, resil doesn't quite make sense to me though, the only class that i have trouble with is a hunter, and i'm starting to get the hang of controling where they go and keeping them close :)

Anyways, thank you for the info and i will be sure to put all this together.
Again, kills in the 80 bracket (unless you're an 83 Mage/Hunter/Frost DK) aren't all about burst, unless you're playing a bad team.

Against a competent team, or a geared player (assuming it's 1v1, which it rarely is), you have to wear them down. Granted, the wearing down takes place pretty quickly, but it's all about who can survive the other's burst the longest.
I am twinking this guy out when I hit 80. Planned on stopping at 70 to twink, but decided to up my Profs.
Im so new to this game it is ridiculous. I know what half the terms mean ect. But i would like to know whats the bracket range for 80 or 79 and if so should i stop at 79. The other thing is i wanna do a frost dk for pvp but have no idea what gear i need and i believe if i wanna be really effective 2 1h weapons for that bonus thing. Also what moves should i be playing and im pretty sure i have a good talent tree base off wow popular. Could someone please explain what i need to do?

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