TCG mounts FS *** List updated

WTS on Alliance side

Jaina's Locket SOLD
Savage Raptor 70k
Magic Rooster Egg x2 150k each

Willing to transfer to another server if you provide a level 2 guild and ~75k to cover transfer fees. Willing to negotiate a bit on prices if you buy multiple mounts!!

**Can sell on the Neutral AH if you are willing to pay an extra 10-15%.

*Updated prices and stock
List of mounts has been updated! Contact me in game vial mail or in this thread.
how much do u want for the magic rooster . i have a guild here u can have too. i can buy more then 2 :)
I think you misunderstood. I WANT a magic rooster. I'm willing to make a trade for it involving the mounts that I'm selling above!
Updated again!

Also WTB Magic Rooster Egg paying 215k!

Also interested in any and all TCG mounts! Send a tell or message in game :-D
Down to the rhino and blue rocket. Lots of gold on hand to purchase your TCG mounts!

I still want a Magic Rooster Egg
Got another red rocket and sold the rhino!
Updated the OP with current stock!
Price drops! Get em before the rush hits when patch 5.0 brings account wide mounts!!

Reins of the Crimson Deathcharger 35k each

**List has been updated with the mounts I currently have on hand!

Niice, snagged some from those hackers for less than 30k each?
Got a couple from the AH and others via trade for a TCG mount! Thanks for the bump too :D
List updated and some prices have dropped!
Savage Raptor Added to the list!
List updated!
If I had the money I would totally take that tiger off your hands ^.^ :-)
List updated again!

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