Graphics freeze, but chat ok??

Technical Support
i am having this issue.

the graphics on my screen stop moving. all other players stop moving.

i can still talk in chat with no lag at all.
I just started having this problem as well, but I'm playing on a late 2011 MacBook pro. Any help? I'm new to Macs and don't know how to update drivers... and what not.
I am having the same problem on a 2012 Mac PC. Seems to be worst in raids and timeless isle, i don't get it at all please help from a mac point of view
I have also been having this issue for about a month or so. It just happened about an hour ago actually.
ive had this issue a couple of times as well, but not for a while.
Bumping threads from over a year ago causes a bit of confusion. If you need assistance with an issue, please create a new thread and detail your issue there. Make sure to include any steps you have already tried.

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