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Hey, I'm just about to start up playing again after about a year off, I'll also be bringing my bf along to play WoW. I'm looking for a server with fun, friendly people to join but have no idea what's good these days. Raiding & PvP and such don't matter so much at this point, plus haven't decided as to whether going horde or alliance this time round yet. What I really care about is finding a place that's preferrably occupied mainly by aussies and with a few fun guild that is sociable and does events, helps each other out, etc, not just somewhere full of 13 yr old n00bs shouting out chuck norris jokes, etc (does that still happen on there).
I used to be on Frostmourne, is that still the way to go or are there better servers out there these days?

EDIT: Just a thought, PvE relm is prob the best bet since my bf is a complete newbie and likely to get pissed off if being ganked constantly whilst lvling his first character
Well I won't be of much help but you won't find any servers that have nothing but fun friendly people. Its not the best criteria to go off of. Every server is going to have 13 year olds shouting out chuck Norris jokes, actually most have 20+ year olds who still do that.

Also if you plan on ever doing the Dungeon Finder, which of course you will, even if your server is great, you will still run into not so friendly people from other servers by using it.

Your best option is to either join a server where you have friends that can help your out or to go off of the population of the server and whether you want a PvE, PvP or an RP server.

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