oceanic? what oceanic

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Hey Blizz can we have our servers back now please !
I want to gear my lock >:(
Oceanic is always last to be attended to......
>_< 15mins my !@#
no kidding i really want to get back to my druid thank u
Whelp, time for my bi-weekly shower. brb
Punctuality is a virtue.

Blue calls the 'rolling restart' a 15 minute process and then leaves them down 3/4 of an hour and doesn't respond to tweets or provides any update to their customers.

i pay money to sit on my fat !@#$ playing a game....

not to just sit on my fat %^-*.

Please put these servers back up! I do not pay to look at a realm list!
Don't worry we can sit here looking at the american servers.......
lol but not all US realms are back to, i also play on a US realm and its offline also

Half American servers still down
07/10/2012 06:07 AMPosted by Sherro
Too bad if oceanic is gone for good and all our characters are gone and we have to start on US realm or quit. That would be fun.

I could only imagine the flak blizzard would cop for that, some people would probably kill themselves. You know, those people with 15k achieve points and 400000 mounts.

Still no update explaining the delay either.

Communication is key to quality customer service.

Just saying.
Blizzards cc on Oceanic just got purged
07/10/2012 06:13 AMPosted by Opeia
Blizzards cc on Oceanic just got purged

You got me excited for a bit :(
lets all troll A us starting zone for revenge


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