Do enh shamans use strength or agility?

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Agility. The only classes that use strength in their tanking & DPS trees are Paladins, Warriors, and Death Knights.

All other physical damage dealers use agility.

This is a really good and easy to use website that shows exactly what kind of stats each class and spec goes for. Some isn't applicable before level 80, but it does show what your main stats are that you should be looking for while leveling.

Here is enhancement shamans btw..

But as I said, you don't ever need that much hit while leveling, and mastery doesn't come into play until level 80. That's how much you want for a top level raider. Having some hit rating is always good though. Maybe 4-6 percent while leveling.
Agility, Stamina and Critical at low levels.

Once you reach Outland you should still focus on Agility, but also start looking for Hit Rating to make sure your attacks are connecting.

Once you hit level 85, still focus on Agility (all your gems should max agility), then worry about making sure you are Hit capped (mainly by reforging your unwanted stats on gear). Once you hit the Hit cap, stop stacking hit. After that, you want to get Mastery up to a certain level. Crit is simply mediocre at level 85. It doesn't hurt anything, but there are better stats (crit is always a good stat to reforge into something else that you need). Haste is at the bottom of the totem pole for Enhance Shamans - always reforge out of Haste into something else like Hit.

By level 85, you will be getting enough Stamina naturally from your normal Enhance gear. So you don't need to even think about Stamina (certainly don't enchant, reforge or gem for it).

Strength, Intellect, Spirit are all equally worthless to Enhancement Shamans and should never be on ANY of your gear.

General rule is gem for straight agility, reforge Haste into Hit and then Mastery, then use Enchants on your gear to get hit capped or obtain other useful buffs (like agility or mastery or a weapon damage buff).

You can find the Hit and Mastery caps over on the Shaman forums under one of the sticky threads for PvE Enhance Shamans.

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