What made you roll a shaman originally?

I rolled a Shaman? I must have been drunk.
A friend convinced me to play one over pally.
I had a Paladin main and decided to roll Horde with a friend of mine. I couldn't be a Horde Paladin back then so I rolled a Shaman hoping to continue the hybrid adventures. Several shamans now on several servers.
The theme behind the class always intrigued me but I was busy rerolling hunters because I was never satisfied with the character. I started playing shamans in BC with the draenei, and played a few Horde ones, but I later played my shaman more often in Wrath and it eventually replaced DK for me later in Wrath. However, I may end up retiring my shaman in MoP as my favorite spec is incapable of seeing all of the game's content. :(
I romanticized native culture without realizing how incredibly dumb that was to do.
I was a noob, and I was going through the races. I decided that troll girls looked the best.

I was going through the classes I could be, and decided that shamans sounded really cool. Shaman was also the former name of a band I really like. So... a troll shaman was born.

Even now when I'm more experienced and know my stuff better, I still make characters this way...


Shut up.
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However, I may end up retiring my shaman in MoP as my favorite spec is incapable of seeing all of the game's content. :(

2H windfury videos
I wanted a class to heal BGs with. I hate robes, and think Holy Light is mamby pamby. So...shaman by default.
In vanilla I was deciding on my first character and I liked the fact that shamans were a hybrid class and I liked the way tauren looked so made a tauren shaman :D

also thought it was cool how only horde could have shamans.
Wowcrendor ShamanWoW!
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But you only have 6 minutes!

After getting my DK to 85, I decided I wanted to get my second highest character (Lanaid) to 85. Though I have changed over to priest as my main, I miss my Shaman constantly and wish I could transfer him over to Moon Guard :(
I first rolled a troll hunter, i then kinda started to hate the pet aspect (no pun) of the class, so i decided to go for a more crazier route and ended up rolling a shaman. Ikov later became my first 60, 70, 80, and 85.

obviously i used to play runescape before wow, had a 101, as far as the name goes
Totems and Trolls.

In early 2005 a friend of mine had showed me WoW and let me start a character on his account. I made a nelf druid because I had liked druids from various D&D computer games and he told me to go alliance because he was alliance. I deployed to iraq soon afterwards and spent some of my time looking forward to playing the game when I got back. I thought about another druid or a warrior but I read about the shaman and I had never seen or heard of anything like it in any other game, and I figured that trolls could be shaman and trolls seemed pretty unique as well. In October of 2005 when I returned stateside I bought a laptop, bought WoW, and rolled this very character on Draka the week that the server went live.

Sure enough, there were very few shaman playing the game and virtually no trolls. Shaman was the perfect choice for me because of the sheer versatility. Slap on a shield to survive, heal yourself and others, cast spells or strike with your weapons... I have loved it every day I have played this game and this is still my main character.
I don't remember why I initially rolled my Shaman, but he's the only character I've ever had as my main.
I play more than video games, as such, I have a long D&D history. I absolutely love playing clerics and wearing mail (hate plate for some reason in D&D lol) and love having awesome big shields. Only one class in this game that allows that.

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