T1-T13 Raid Challenge-Livestream & Giveaways

Hello everyone! I wanted to continue to spread the word about the <Regression> raiding that I Livestream every Mon/Weds/Thursday from 830pmEST till about Midnight. And also some other upcoming events and details!


The overall goal is to clear through as much, if not all, of WoW's raid content before the Launch of Mists of Pandaria, -AT- proper Character Level, Gear Level/Enchants/etc, and do it with learning the new mechanics/balance that Cataclysm has presented us with. It has been a weird road so far, with dispel/healing intensive fights being a very large burden and having some tricks about them to correctly down the encounters.

Currently, we are in Sunwell, on the Twins and should be downing KJ very soon, if not Tonight, July 11th.

In addition to showing everyone the older content the game has to offer that a large portion of the community has never seen, I am also a Server 1st Enhancement Shaman, who has never not been in a Server 1st Guild, and been as high as US 16th for TBC/Wrath. So, AMA/QnA are always welcome all the time.

My outlook on Livestreaming is somewhat different than some of the other larger names that are already out there. For one, I will be Live during any/all aspects of MoP, be it Leveling, Heroics, Raid Finder, Normal Raids, and very possibly, Heroic Raid Content as well. So you can learn along side top-tier players that are figuring out the mechanics so that this information will be directly available for you to take to your attempts, and boss kills.

In addition even more-so, I also do small giveaways whenever we finish an End-Tier boss, or just whenever I feel like it. Usually it's easiest currently to do WoW oriented giveaways such as pets/mounts/etc. In the future, especially for Arthas 25Heroic, I will be physically Mailing winner(s) their prizes for hanging out with us on this journey. I just have a very open outlook on giving back to the community is more ways than just entertainment, knowledge and experience. Physical/Digital rewards are real fun too! And hopefully I can continue adding to this in the future.

Along side the <Regression> Livestream, there is a special event this Sunday the 15th! Where viewers have a chance to win 1 of the Heart of the Aspect mounts, or a Chromatic Dragonling Pet. The little gold one, whatever it is. =]

Promotion Image for the Event on the 15th:

Info Thread about the Event:

The Place it all Happens:

Any questions, please feel free to ask them below! And I hope to see more friendly players at the events and livestreams in the coming days!
you are my favorite live stream :)
Best stream <3
Support this man, and his upside down Pikachu.




Ummm...thanks? Also, suddenly terrified.
Dont be afraid, Mass just gets excited/randy at random times. You learn to live with it and take advantage where you can :P
Ode to neckbeard
07/13/2012 05:44 PMPosted by Chesticles
Ode to neckbeard

Real question...how many necks have the beard?

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