Bump for good People.
no one wants to get dominated in pvp by a toon named bella.... no one
I want 2 be dominated by bella ;)
I bet you do.
Big boi
Grats on Heroic Spine.
Thanks Bella ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh
Still look 4 some boooooOoOoOoOoty
Grats on your metas and Madness Kills.
I applied here once when you were 6/8HM You told me to apply and when I did I got an email saying I was accepted. 2 minutes later I get an email saying it was a false message and recruitment had been closed for a while. Are you still looking for a tank to join you or are you good as is?
The acceptance was a missclick. At that time Tank recruitment had closed. Due to shifting around pre MoP we have open recruitment for exceptional tank apps. Give me some time to go back over your application and re-evaluate.
I should fix the app since I have downed a few more heroic since then and have a better understanding of all 8 heroic fights :D

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