Bloodsail Rep

We're farming Booty Bay at the moment. We have someone phased in the level 30 zone while we farm guards. Guards are going down slowly but the reputation from the phased part makes it well worth while. If anyone is interested in helping farm the unphased area please send a whisper to Picked or Nevaeh.

I plan to be here until I hit exalted, so seeing as I'm 30k/36k Hated, we'll be here quite a while.
Would also like to give a shout out to our resident Howling Blast spamming multiboxer Krázynáte and company. We appreciate you trying to come out and give us some fun. I love that you're trying to bring pvp back to a pvp server, however if you're going to drag all eight of your toons out for some 8v3 ganking, you could at least not hearth back with your panties in a bundle after the first wipe sending tells pretending to be a GM talking about how you're going to use your eight accounts to report and get us banned. You may be surprised to know that you aren't the only one who can afford $120 a month for accounts, we just don't all feel the need to parade around bragging about it since most of us realize how little of an accomplishment that really is.

Anyway in the words of the luminous Kanye West, "When you try hard is when you die hard." Lesson long overdue.
If only he had used necrotic strike even once... Didn't know of any dks to never not spam the crap out of it. 6-7x stack of necro derp derp= SUPER OP.

Blood only OP when you let them hit you btw
Anyone out there want to farm Steamwheedle Cartel rep? Maybe after you do finish Bloodsail admiral? Give me a PST on my main Vibax (85 alliance paladin =)

Or send mail :)
You can get exalted from guards now?

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