Foam Sword Rack how much?
Skribxoxo & Beerxoxo In-game Mail sent to you both
07/24/2012 08:50 PMPosted by Beerxoxo
Foam Sword

Secks Toy ?
Online with you now Skrib and Beer <3
Online with you now Skrib and Beer <3

Top #1 Service, Recommended seller. I love this Foam Sword Rack haha put one outside Stormwind everyone was using it, I !@#$ing won! :) <3 you Noxx. Sword Foam Rack was also a code, and the transaction was done smoothly. :)
When i get the one in for Beerxoxo ill give u both a free Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit
Good rippa to buy of, pleasure shaking his hand in business.
07/27/2012 11:25 AMPosted by Shadessia
You are the first bad report I have ever seen for Noxx and Dice out of all their threads, please post proof or kindly troll elsewhere.
was on Stormrage US was told he would sell it for 120k because he needed quick gold for him to do a GKDP on his mage on frostmourne knowing that he attempted to tell me that the mounts go BoP for 24hrs after being redeemed which for whatever reason i beleived and pay'd him then he started to scratch off the mount dropped me off real i.d kicked me out of skype call and logged off with my 120k
I said provide proof, not tell me what happened for all I know you are making this up out of spite.

Skype chat logs, in game screen shots etc.

Nobody is going to believe you otherwise as you are the first bad report out of multiple good reports.
why would i lie? i havent even met the guy till this morning when i lost 120k gold...... let alone come to a oceanic server to spite some random person? logic huh
I am not saying you are a lair but you are the first person with a complaint about their service as far as I am aware.

Your post is useless unless you back it up, nobody is going to believe you. You probably don't want to hear it but it is true. Simply screen shot your skype conversations (if they have proof of a scam) and post it. If not you are wasting your time.

Personally I highly doubt they scammed you, and if you were even scammed at all it most likely wasn't Noxx or Dice.

Here let me give you an example:

Shadessia of Stormrage server was speed hacking in a battle ground today, please report them.

Now obviously this isn't true (at least I hope it's not) but are people automatically going to believe me? some, yes. Most however will require proof before they believe anything.
So as I said earlier, please post proof or stop posting at all.
If you had me in Real ID what's me Real Name ?
LOL i just woke up to this and i must say its rather entertaining...
<3 Miirkat

I just woke up and seen this and LOL'ed never met this Shadessia person.

Such a fail troll. More holes in this then Swiss cheese.

* Would never do a GDKP as all my toons are in my Guild that can already clear the content.
* You said This morning i doubt anyone is running GDKP on Frostmourne at 6AM
* Would never sell a Swift Spectral Tiger for that price even if I had 0 gold.
* Because its a BOE mount never BOP i would of traded the mount with the gold.
* Claimed "TCG LOOT TRADERS HACKED ME" never ones referred to an names just keep saying this guy.
* If i did ever need or want to do a GDKP on Frostmourne. Why would i want gold from a different server when i could sell the mount in a second for that price on my sever and wouldn't need to make a toon level it and xfer it back with a guild after 10 days of being a GM
* I have 10 times the gold he claims i needed so desperately.

It seems to me you had Quite a bit of fun last night trolling in several threads even ones that are not mine when Dice sold loot alone.

My Last Skype conversation was with work mates whilst at work yesterday

I hardly ever play my Mage.

All my toons are on Frostmourne

If you got scammed i suggest your open a ticket with blizz tell them you the guy on Real ID and show them your skype logs im sure they will Ban whom ever scammed you. If you are in fact not trolling and you were just stupid as f*ck to be scammed out of a BOE Mount.
Actually now that i think of it the events of this morning could be related....

I checked my Mail on Horde to see this:

From: Powerleveled
Subject: Warning

That scumb bag Daganoth is pretending to be you over ally side. Just a heads up if you start getting hate mail

Perhaps this is the scammer that stole 120 or even its the same guy who faked the story and tried to back it up by committing a scam?

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