[A] Nocturnal Lunacy 8/8H Recruiting for MoP

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I'm interested
Contact Nyeema, Ragnorok or Gillegan in-game.

We are raiding 10-mans currently but will look to run 25-mans in MoP.
Still looking for more talented raiders!
I might be coming back for MoP...

What's the new website address?

Will be good to see you again :)
I keep having this dream that Liutier is sitting up on this throne made of old newspapers that my dog had burried in the back yard over the years. He has a long flowing beard that he strums like a guitar. He is smoking the finest arcane laced cigars and speaking in a strange tounge about the virtues of shnarty and little known groups like squirel nut zipper.

By Joining us at lunacy, you may be able to help me understand these dreams, and perhaps listen to Liu play guitar in vent.



Transdermal Celebration >>>


Did you see me >>>


(best ween ever)
Need moar deeps
Like some range, yah thats the ticket, ranged deeps.
WTB Shadow Priest :)

Still looking for quality raiders.
wussapriest? do i need to know fights?
Wow, a Shadow Priest! Quick, someone take a pic...
Bump for l33t ranged dps.
wtb shadow priest........and maybe buy a puppy, shadow priests like puppies amirite?
Putting out an APB for Ranged DPS.
Early morning Sunday bump as I head out to have a rueben and maybe a few pints.
I like beer, if you also like beer you should app.
If you like beer, happen to be ranged dps, and can move out of stuff, then you get a FREE backrub (from cristobole) and a free beer!
Keep them apps rolling in for the sake of the beer, errr i mean children. And puppies, yes the puppies.
Still looking for a Shadow Priest.

And yes, we haz cupcakes.

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