[A] Nocturnal Lunacy 8/8H Recruiting for MoP

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no cupcakes, just good warm wholesome PIE!
WTB Shady Priest and Retro Shammy...
So a retro shammy is is what we brought to a muru fight back in the day? (so we need 6 retro shammys now!)
08/13/2012 10:49 AMPosted by Gillegan
WTB Shady Priest and Retro Shammy...

WTS Resto Shammy.
But in all seriousness, I plan on xferring to this server and I'm talking to a few guilds so I know where I'm going when I get here.
Current IGN on Stormrage that I'm using for chat and guild search: Amorledis
Still looking for raiders for DS farming and Mists.
Is that tank slot still open? I tried to contact the people you listed in the original post but none of them appeared to be online.

If the tank spot is filled I have some other toons that you may be interested in...
Hi Toomzz.

Tank spot is still open. Can you please fill out an app at <http://nocturnal-lunacy.wowstead.com> and we will review it asap. Please note the names of your other characters as well. Thanks.
I overlooked the raid times in the original post, saw them in the application on your site. I like your objectives and would have liked to try out for the guild. Unfortunately I can't make those raid times.
I've talked to Vida ingame about this, but I'll just throw this in here.
I come in a 2man package with my friend, versecity, 403 combat rogue. I'm a 400B/399F DK.
We're both 8/8 HM, skilled, and have knoweledge of how to play our class to it's fullest extent.
We would be happy to join a 10man in Mists.
Your both welcome to apply.

Our raid times are 10-1 server just a fyi

Keep them apps coming in for MoP! Really looking for skilled range players, but any excellent player will be looked at.
Recruitment is open for Level 85 Casuals in preparation for Mists.
Need a geared and experienced Shadow Priest for the Tue/Wed team.
Still looking for core Ranged DPS & Heals. Open recruitment for characters level 40 and above.
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Need a Shadow Priest for the Tues group. Need Ranged DPS & Heals for Thursday and Friday teams.
O hai Stormrage!
Core spots available as we prepare for MoP.
Looking for a Shadow Priest and Boomkin.
Peanut Butta Jelly Time !!!
Top Recruitment needs:

- DK Tank
- Druid Tank

- Shadow Priest
- Boomkin

Will, of course, look at any qualified applicants!

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