Aff locks get less of a choice?

I'm hoping I'm wrong, but It looks like in the current version of the talent calculator warlocks who love affliction can only choose 2 out of the 3 talents in the first tier. Soul Leech doesn't work with ANY of the affliction fillers or damage abilities. Shadowbolt, Soul Fire and Demonic Slash are the only spells that allow a warlock to regain health with this talent. Harvest Life seems mediocre at best on the beta, and Dark Regeneration looks like the only viable choice for a lock who wants to regen life. Someone please tell me they've changed it so Malefic Grasp gives us life back too....
Guessing you're looking at the one Blizzard posted awhile back. Don't think its been updated.

Wowhead's MOP calculator lists the following spells on Soul Leech:

Shadow Bolt
Soul Fire
Chaos Bolt
Touch of Chaos
Drain Soul
Malefic Grasp
Yeah I was thinking Soul Leech was useless until they added all the aforementioned spells.

It still might be useless, Harvest Life is doing HUGE numbers on multi-target fights. I saw a log of an AOE fight and its Afflictions top dmg, as well as a huge chunk of it for Demo/Destro.
Sorry for necroing an old post but since I don;t see demonic slash listed here I need to ask: does Demonic slash work with soul leech? (search in the forums and got 2 different responses)
Do you have a warlock of sufficient level to test this on? If so, pick up Demon Hunting glyph and Soul Leech, and hit something (not a 1 health dummy) with Demonic Slash. If you get the absorb shield, it works, and if you don't, it doesn't.
Does Dark Apotheosis have access to Demonic Slash at level 25?

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