[A]The Patriots need Mythic Raiders for WoD!

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Well the last one hit the #500 post capacity, so time for round 2, woo!

The Patriots is a level 25 raiding guild looking to expand into multiple avenues of gameplay, including Mythic raiding in WoD. We have a relaxed mindset behind raiding but our core raiding team is comprised of many caring individuals. We look up fights, know our classes, and yearn to be the best we can be; or perhaps help others be the best they can be. We have a great group of people with some humor in vent and nice casual conversation, but can really crack down on bosses when needed. We realize that above all else the purpose of this game is to have fun and we try to live that out in our raids--because losing isn't fun! :P

Although formed early 2005, we only started raiding during Cataclysm. It took us awhile to get a roster of decent raiders, but we cleared Heroic Firelands and Heroic Dragon Soul. In Mists of Pandaria we cleared every raid on Normal with a few Heroic bosses here and there. In Warlords of Draenor we're planning to pursue Mythic raiding. We're looking for good players that can handle criticism, strive to be the best they can be, can show up on time reliably and consistently, and comprehend the pains of progression raiding. We provide all consumables, repairs, gear enhancements and a Ventrilo server. Currently our biggest need is to grow a stockpile of players in preparation for WoD, so we're recruiting all classes and specs.

Current Recruitment Needs

Legend: Very High = Desperate need, very low requirements to qualify. High = Great need, lower requirements to qualify. Medium = General need, standard requirements. Low = Somewhat of a need, higher requirements to qualify. Exceptional = Miniscule need, very high requirements to qualify. Core = Permanent position in the raid roster, regular attendance of raids. Backup = Standby position in the raid roster, erratic attendance of raids. Social = Open recruitment, role is to socialize and make friends. WoD = Recruiting for members to be active during Warlords of Draenor, for varying roles.

Everything: None.

Note: If the above information is insufficient, it is to be understood that we are currently recruiting NO classes for MoP raiding.

The Patriots raid Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 P.M. - 11:15 P.M. EST

You'll find a link to our website below. Thanks for taking your time in reading this, and I hope you consider us!

Twitter: @ThePatriotsZJ
E-mail: ThePatriotsZJ@yahoo.com
Website: www.thepatriots.enjin.com

If you have any questions, contact either of our officers in-game: DroganX#1360 or Agic#1286.
Yaaaay First is back! Man you waste no time, welcome to the second wave.
Whoah my! Bump bump bump, all the way to the top! Go go GOOOO! WOOOOOOOO!!!
Bump, for Heroic Spine down!
I don't know if Mybigwolf told you but:

Gratz on killing the flying spiny thingy in the sky =D
Awww thanks man! He didn't tell me! >:O

Congratulations again, nice to see another alliance guild hit that 8/8H mark.
Drogan <3
8/8H!!!!! oh yeah and bump too
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