[A]The Patriots need Mythic Raiders for WoD!

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Bump, for our first new casual member! Yay!
Bump, for a Protection Warrior application!
Bump, for our new Twitter account! Follow us @ThePatriotsZJ
Bump, for vacation!
this is a bump
Thanks for keeping us up here in my absence First! I shall also bump in celebration of both the return from my vacation and the release of MoP! Huzzah, time to get leveling!
Bump, for Stone Guard down!
Bump, for the defeat of Feng the Accursed!
Hey Droganx !

I have raid with you monday right before the reset on tuesday, ive downed Feng with you.. i was wondering are you having a free spot for a DPS? Cause i am at the moment looking for a raiding spot.

You can inbox me or you have my battletag.

Have a nice day!

Heya Murke, we actually don't have any raid spots for a DPS DK, but if you're interested in Arenas, RBGs, Scenarios, Heroic Dungeons, Challenge Mode Dungeons, or Pet Battles, we always have room for more! :)

Bump for Gara'jal the Spiritbinder down!
Bump for Spirit Kings down!
10/14/2012 01:12 PMPosted by Droganx
we actually don't have any raid spots for a DPS DK

free bump because they seem like nice people

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