[A]The Patriots need Mythic Raiders for WoD!

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Bump, for Elegon down!!
Bump, let's see those healer apps!
We need healeeerrrrss!

Bump, for healers! C'mon!
Where's my boy First?! He left us! He left us!

Are you looking for a dps warrior?
Bump for the Droganx!!!!
nice Bashship came horde! Welcome to the other side cool guy!
Hello Keivon, as a raiding position the need for a DPS warrior would be low but not completely disregarded, if you were to join as a raider would probably end up being a backup DPS, which means about 50% raid attendance and less time on progression bosses.

Also, thanks for the bumps guys, appreciate it. :) Dunno how Bashship has anything to do with our guild though...
Bumps for peps. And Dromind smells like fire again!
Aww thanks Sherris, how sweet! Bump!
Bump, for getting Zor'lok to 6%. v.v
So.. you guys still taking a look at Resto Shamans?
11/06/2012 08:28 AMPosted by Kairyn
So.. you guys still taking a look at Resto Shamans?

Yes we are! We could use a Restoration Shaman as a core spot in Team Liquid, our second raid. They're early on in progression because they only formed recently, but they still need 1 last healer and a MDPS for their core.

If you'd like to apply you can do so at our website, thepatriots.enjin.com, just register and click "Join Us!" to get started, good luck!
Bump, for leather-agility apps!
Bump for Zor'lok down!
Bump for the Blade Lord down!

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