[A]The Patriots need Mythic Raiders for WoD!

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Bump, for Tortos down and Megaera to the 6th head! Great raid!
Hi Droganx,

Do you guys have some RBGs aside of your raiding groups?

No Xhor I'm afraid we don't. We've dabbled in PvP from time to time but staying up to date with VP caps and Dailies and LFRs is time-consuming enough, the passion for more WoW just isn't there for us.

This isn't to say we're not interested in forming an RBG group or getting more into PvP, we just don't have much of it right now. We would need a player base first, and that is hard to obtain without an already-established team.
kk, Thanks, I appreciate the honesty!
Bump, still looking for Backups.
*sigh* As soon as we fill up the Core someone wants to step out for the summer.. I don't understand people. /fliptable
Meg's final head to 10% we're so close!!
Bump, if you're interested please apply!
We're getting some apps trialed this weekend, don't wanna miss your chance!
Megaera dies this weekend, jump on this train before it's too late!
Bump for Megaera and Ji-kun in the same night!
Bump, need a Backup Healer badly!

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