Warrior (Fury) vs Rogue (Combat)

Should I go dwarf warrior or stick with my combat Rogue which is lvl 42. Currently, I feel like I have no motivation to level it. i don't really enjoy it because you find yourself starving for energy and having to use slice and dice over and over because dungeon monsters just die too damn fast. I was offered a 10k deal from someone I knew would keep there word if I hit lvl 85 on my rogue for my first daggers.. I wont be able to get there though if I can't even enjoy myself with rogue...

So, I thought about making a warrior. its supposed to be dwarf or night elf.. I haven't really decided yet ( I swear to God, if i have to do another human quest chain over again I might rip all my hair out and jump out my window). And I was hoping if I could measure up which would be a better endgame or more fun endgame at the end. I will be going arms warrior to lvl 30 and fury every time I get 2- 2handed swords.

Thanks in advance for all your advice.
You only necessarily have 3 choices for "best race" of Alliance for warriors.

Human for PvP/dps
Night Elf for tanking
Worgen for DPS

Rest of the races kinda suck.

Hope this helps. Human/dwarf is great while leveling if you get maces/swords for the expertise but honestly, i cant think of any mace's you get while leveling.
I dont care about dps. xD Dps honestly isnt my concern. Its just looks and other stuff that come across my mind. Also I have a dwarf Paladin and I have come across A TON of maces. And he is only lvl 33.
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I will be going arms warrior to lvl 30 and fury every time I get 2- 2handed swords.

Note that as fury, you are going to be dual 1 handed until 69, where you can use 2 2 handed swords. I'll give you my 2 cents:

I have played every class to at least level 40, except the shaman. And during this time, I could never stick with 1 class or spec. So I gave the warrior a try. Once I got to level 20 or so, I fell in love with it. Only a few levels ago I switched to fury to give it a try, and I must say, it is without a doubt different from any other spec in the game. Yet, I find it to be so damn fun. I can not wait until level 69 so I can wield 2 2 handed weapons. I intent to make fury my main spec at 85. Your dps might not be the greatest in the game, but who cares? You can pull your own weight, and afterall, this is a video-game, and its meant to be fun!

Enter that character creation screen, Role that warrior, and get ready for the Pix-elated ride of a lifetime :).

PS. Dwarf ;)
Your !@#$ing awesome. I want you to be my friend.. email right now!
;D! Added

Alright lets get more back on the topic.
edall check my post on the rogue forum you posted =]

I lvled a warrior to 85 in fury it was awesome switched to arms it ruined my warrior for me.....
I lvled a rogue and i have been playing him ever sense, the rogue is much more fun all around but when you kill 5 guys in a row on your fury warrior just relying on victory rush as heals it feels pretty damn amazing too lol
I checked and i think im done with everything now.. I can't afford a rogue, and I dont like to rely on others.. so i think im just gonna go warrior.
^The warrior is the class to rely on others. Its always been that way.
^Misunderstood what i said, I meant the person who was giving me 10k for the daggers.
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^Misunderstood what i said, I meant the person who was giving me 10k for the daggers.

Why spend 10k on daggers. This late in the Expac you will get free Cata daggers when 5.0 hits and by then the rogue would have been 85 anyway,

I have both at 85 with roughly the same PvP gear and both classes are fun to play. I however am a warrior at heart and hate the fact i cant be all up in everybody's face like i can with the warrior. Plus, i prefer group to solo play so being able to assist flag carriers, stop multiple people from damaging/slowing demo's, Hold nodes in shieldwall/ER until help arrives, ETC. A rogue gets blownup outside of CloS and or CR. IMO, Warriors have far more control of a group than rogues do. They just have the tools to do so in ways a warrior doesnt.

And then theres PvE. Being able to tank? Amazing perk right there.
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True dat!

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