<HBDC> Selling 8/8 Heroic DS

Burning Legion
As the title says, we'll be selling the Heroic DW Mount from now until MOP. It will be on Tuesdays around 8 PM server. If you're interested, drop me an in-game mail and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. First come first serve. Thanks for your business!
Are y'all selling H Rag mount by chance?
Sorry, we are not. We're pretty burnt out on Firelands at the moment.
Ogroyal if you have a more geared toon then just do openraid.
I got it yesterday on my mage alt along with our first kill of H rag on our alts. Surprise, Surprise not the toon I wanted it on but I can wait till MOP
I would say just wait till mop, no need to buy it if you have the mount and title. Luckily I got the mount first kill lol.
Still selling the mount/title/full runs. Send me ingame mail to get on the list!
Whats your pricing at? for just heroic madness and mount.
Have a spot open for this coming Tuesday. Message me in game on this guy, or on Syztim for details if you're interested.
Come get your mount/title/gear before MOP hits September 25th! The mount will be a 1% drop come that day!

We have a slot open this coming Tuesday. As always, first come first served. We start raiding at 7 PM server time. If you're interested, send me an in-game mail or whisper me when I'm online and we'll get you a spot reserved!
I think it's going to become a 1% drop rate in a little more than a week when the patch hits...so get those buyers!
It will actually be September 25th, the day that MOP drops.
They made it a 1% drop rate with mim/invincible on the pre-patch before the xpac.
You are correct, but I remember reading a blue post saying that would happen on September 25th, once MOP releases this time around.

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