Can a warlock be nice?

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On both of my adventures on Moonguard I have seen warlocks of different variety on both Alliance and Horde. Both of them act the same, single place to practice freely, no magic outside of that area unless you are in battle etc, etc. But one thing I have realized is that many of them are icly rude or unkind to people. On my alliance toon I have a wonderful warlock that I like to act nice, almost in a sense of a -white knight- in some sort of way. He doesn't go out of his was to protect people, but if he knows or trusts somebody he always has their back. Also he is nice to people, unless he has a reason not to be.

Anyway, my main question is, do all warlocks have to be mean? I love playing a -nice- warlock since it seems to be rare. Unfortunatly many times when this happens I get the good ol fashion trololololing of people that make me remember why I love Moonguard so much.

Thank you for responding! And I hope you all have had a wonderful day.
I think a warlock can still work for the greater good, but they're going to have trouble genuinely sympathizing with other people a lot of the time.
07/18/2012 07:26 PMPosted by Ferenold
I think a warlock can still work for the greater good, but they're going to have trouble genuinely sympathizing with other people a lot of the time.

excuse me. the draenei is speaking. she says NO.

warlocks are bad people!
It depends on your warlock. There are many different types.

The ones that summon demons tend to be reckless and care little for others.

Those that lean towards afflictions, curses- those type obviously enjoy inflicting pain. Though, that doesn't make you evil or mean. Inquisitors for example may be jerks while working, but that doesn't mean they can't be decent people outside of work.

Those that master magic through fel, instead of ley lines. There's nothing saying that they aren't just more curious magi with a reckless nature.

Warlocks can be anyone, they don't have to be jerks.
It is doable.

Some people may just fall into the lust for greater, demonic power. But are their intentions automaticly evil? Perhaps some are just curious in the art. For example, The gnome warlock Fizzlebang in the Trial of the Crusader. Could you honestly count him as 'evil'?
Bozu is pretty. . . well mannered. He's no Betty White by any means, but he's respectful.

Then again, he's got no plans for world domination or the destruction of (most of) the innocent.
Absolutely. All sorts of horrible evil people are nice. But it doesn't mean that they're not evil, or willing to do horrible things for their own gain.
I think that is honestly more than a few kinds of silly. I mean, sure, it's not flat out said - but Warlocks are nothing even close to "more curious Magi with a reckless nature." There's a fine line between recklessness and summoning forth the very energy that embodies evil.

A 'curious Magi with a reckless nature' would be a mage researching Necromancy, or just researching fel. But a warlock who masters the energy warlocks(of any kind) use is no way a curious magi with a reckless nature.

That's debatable. Necromancy has just as many terrible issues that come with it. Necromancy makes you an anemic wreck that slowly kills you over time. Fel, while corrupting, is another form of pure arcane. Warlocks to begin with wanted to tap into a bigger power source. Not all of them use it to summon demons, though demons tend to go with fel.

Some people are Uncorrupted Warlocks. (It's a thing, like Uncorrupted Necromancer). An uncorrupted warlock- is not corrupted, thus not evil, from fel. So they could be considered curious magi with a reckless side.
07/18/2012 07:20 PMPosted by Svindrad
Anyway, my main question is, do all warlocks have to be mean?

No, they don't. They're people too. They have emotions, motivations, dreams, fears, and quirks.
Posted by Hellissa
Fel, while corrupting, is another form of pure arcane.

Uhm.. no it's not.

This energy, which most commonly manifests itself as ghastly, green-yellow flame, is arcane magic at its most corrupt

The only place that has ever stated Fel energy to be any form of 'pure' was the RPG, which is non-canon. While I most certainly don't agree with it being non-canon, it does have some good points; but Fel being 'pure' is in no way something that is a good point.

In addition;

07/18/2012 07:41 PMPosted by Hellissa
Some people are Uncorrupted Warlocks.

Uncorrupted Warlocks also AVOID using all of those magics.

their alignments remain inviolate, unless they cast evil spells

Quoted straight from the RPG Uncorrupted Warlocks page itself. I know, I just said the RPG is non-canon, which it is. But, either way.

Then we'd have to get into, What's evil? Since we don't have a list of spells that are "Evil" or "Good" we really can't tell them that they are all evil.

You may think, say, casting fel-flame is evil. But maybe someone else doesn't. So you are really getting into telling people how to roleplay, which is a big no-no.

The RPGs are not "non-canon" it was stated, that if there is ANOTHER SOURCE, that source is to be read as truth OVER the RPG, since people were saying some parts conflicted.

The RPG is a good source of lore, as long as there's not something conflicting.

In the end, don't tell people how to roleplay, or tell people that they -have- to be evil because they rolled a class.
07/18/2012 07:56 PMPosted by Kellinath
I'm sure I'll get flamed for this, but being a unique happy happy fun time bunny "im nice" warlock is pretty mary sue, imo.

There's nothing "mary sue" about wanting something different. Maybe your warlock isn't quite so happy bunny. But imagine someone who decided to become a warlock, because they saw mage magic as not being good enough.

We've been assaulted by demons that could very well turn the world into a corrupted wasteland, I could see a good warlock wanting to use that magic to enslave and banish the demons. To use their magic against them, to understand them in the -best way you can-.

There's not just one type of good guy. That's why we have alignments.
Yes a Warlock can be nice.

Anyone can be nice.

A Death Knight can be nice.

The question is...

Can you play a Warlock who is a nice person?

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