Looking for... Friends!

Hey guys,

While this might sound pathetic ;) I'm looking for friends! Btw I'm male (Sorry to dissapoint.) - Ignore my female avatar. I'm from a competitive counter-strike background so I'm used to always having people to chat to and I'm missing that social aspect with wow.

Basically just looking for people who want to chat and what not while they go about their business. Or we can go about business together w/e. This is my main, currently leveling up a Druid.

I have a vent channel if you want to chill in that aswell.

Anyways just give me an add on Saurfang Alliance.

Either Diminutive or Shapeshifter, I'll most likely be on Shape though.
hey mate, are u getting into raiding?
doesent anyone chat in your guild..

i think its a good thing im here before the normal saurfang forum crew.. u can bet this thread will turn into a circle jerk in no time.

storm hammer is full of friendly folk always looking for fresh faces
feel free to chat to any of us in game if u see us around

ill try not to hoof u in the face around stormwind
07/18/2012 10:33 PMPosted by Phishtank
u can bet this thread will turn into a circle jerk

Oh yes Snajy harder!

Snokey on Horde will talk CSS with you.
To be honest, the server is pretty ghosted at the moment, and you could expect this to be game wide, I'm sure the community aspect and socialism activities will pick up/increase when MoP is released.

On the plus side, You only have to wait 26 Days for the new Counter-strike Game. But in the mean time if your really looking for friends, I also Suggest Snokey.
07/18/2012 11:02 PMPosted by Snaje
u can bet this thread will turn into a circle jerk


Let us begin...
have you found any yet?

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