Halaa Fun

The boss just advised me that its the WoW gods may not visit me tonight. Due to occupational obligations for both of us, neither I nor my wife was able to pick up my computer.
Disregard the above statement...the lovely boss that tugs on the rope connected to my nose ring just text'ed me that she picked up my computer...Tonight I plan to light the pipe and take of puff from the WoWCrack Pipe...

Unless the sky falls and I am on a late call, I shall be on around 0000 hours.
We got our battle tags working, finally.

And today Bobcat helped me get my Dark Talbuk, so thank you very much, Bobcat!

Also, he says he will offer his Halaa services to other players.

Lastly, thank you to Xandric and Floralais who helped me cap Halaa. That big, scary mean bear would have kept roflstomping me without them.

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