<IRS> 2/6H, 6/6, 4/4 LF Monk/DK Hybrid

Hi all. As the title states we are looking to solidify our roster with dependable players. I founded this guild to compose a group of raiders with a mature and progressive desire to raid and have fun. We have a few players who run old content as well as mount hunt and achievement search with others. This includes all previous tiers of glory mounts, old raids for xomg or achievements. While we have solidified our roster, things happen where we randomly lose someone, so we are always on the lookout for skilled and fun players to fill the void and keep our tight-knit group progressing and having a blast raiding.

We raid Tuesday and Wednesday from 7 to 10 server (8-11 Eastern) with a cleanup on Monday from the same time. We do accommodate schedule changes as we all have lives outside of the game and things come up. We are flexible but will never raid on Friday or Saturday.

Current comp:

496 Affliction Warlock (GM/RL)
494 Fury Warrior
492 Restoration Shaman
495 Restoration Druid
493 Holy Paladin
492 BM/Surv Hunter
494 Protection Paladin
494 Arcane Mage
491 Combat Rogue

Missing: 1 Death Knight or Monk Tank/DPS Hybrid

We have 2/6H on farm and could be progressed much higher without roster changes. We have been victims of life changes and roster changes and we will progress at a high rate without having to pug weekly.

Currently we are blasting new content including teams for dailies, LFR as a group, and have multiple arena teams as well as casual pvp. We do old content runs for fun, are alt friendly, and are always helpful in a multitude of ways. We will never push to be the top of the server but we will always hold our own as an upper tier guild with no drama, lots of fun, and a great place for you to play the game.

We have no loot rules. The group has always been of the mentality that gear is a byproduct of fun and will often pass on things that give others a larger improvement. The right candidate starts immediately. We look forward to hearing from you!

Bump for recruitment update.
Great group, solid raiders. Bump.
Thanks Amaeyth! Updated for Spine down. Madness next week. We need a fill in dps for our elemental shaman who will be on vacation. Pst here or in game if interested in becoming a Savior next week.
Bump for update. Entertaining offers of a dk tank who wants to clear ds with us next week.
Bump for recruitment update. Need a Resto Shaman
Bump. Still looking for our Shaman for now and the future.
My Experience:
8/8HM Dragonsoul (5/8 HM PRE-NERF)
7/7 Heroic Firelands (on DK, 6/7HM on war, both toon's have GOTFR)

My Toons:
403 IL arms warrior 8/8HM - Rágnarok
404 IL unholy Dk 7/8 hm - Morgoth

Both toon's are back on Mal ' Ganis
I also pvp as well and have full cata set on my dk
I'm a strong laid back player looking for 10 or 25man progression raiding. I'd like a guild with 8/8 heroic nothing less and with a strong intention of good progression come Mist. My offspec is Blood/frost for pve and unholy for pvp

My real id is david_walters1987@live.com feel free to contact me.
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Hit me up in game, I am able to help you guys.
Bump for recruitment update.
Orc for life!

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