Xiaolin Showdown

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07/13/2012 08:36 PMPosted by Dàrkàn
You mean Naruto for 5 year olds??

No no no thats Avatar the Last Aribender

Xiaolin Showdown is more for toddlers


avatar the tv show was AWESOME! lol

but i never really did like xiaolin showdown, i watched jackie chan adventures at that age instead :P
>comparing something as amazing TLA to Naruto

NaruToph 4 evar!!
07/24/2012 10:16 PMPosted by Frostrunner
avatar the tv show was AWESOME! lol

Anyone that knows what a good show is can say that.


I liked Avatar more than anything, that show WAS my Childhood

but then my childhood took a beating when I saw "The Last Airbender" movie.

Never. Again.

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