LF Raiding Guild

Disc/Shadow priest 379ivl atm and hunter 382 lf a raiding guild available after 8pm server time.
We just came from a break we have plenty of raiding experience and looking for a solid group. We have bad luck since came from a break getting with a good guild or raiding group. Trying to get in solid group to maximize the gear and playing experience to clear this content.

Some of our toons are re-rolled but the priest and hunter are our mains and both have other serveral toons aswell for alts. Mainly looking for solid group of people to raid on our mains and clear content. Both over 30yrs old therefore dont like ignorance, but like to have fun for sure.

PST in game Gruven - Priest Heals/DPS
My friend's hunter Sanine - Hunter Survival
Our gear score has improve as we keep pug in with random groups. Hit me up if any guild interested on these two classes.

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