Hello again!

Hey, reinstalled WoW last night after a 4ish year hiatus. Currently installing Cata and just wanted to say hi to anyone that's still around from back then. I used to be in Ascent as a non-raider due to some rl friends being heavily involved in that guild, and actually was in Fury on Medivh before that as a non-raider as well due to those same friends.
Anyway, just wanted to say hi and see who's still around. If ya see me in-game, feel free to say hi!
Also, any tips on where I should start once Cata finishes installing would be most appreciatated.

edit: and thank you eclypse (someones alt rogue in Halcyon) for the friendly "welcome back" when I logged in last night for the first time in years. Was great talkin to ya!
Here is exactly what u need to see.


Glad to help you guys. Alot of people need help in some things. Here it is.

Thanks! Not sure what I woulda done without your help. I highly suggest anyone else looking for some direction to follow your sage advice. I don't remember the last time I saw so many graphs, pie charts, flow charts, faqs, and mother faqs all in one place.

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