(H) WTS Profession Leveling Kits 1-525

Update: 8-21
I have ten kits on order and eight sitting in my banks waiting for pick up. I'm still taking orders before MoP.
Current stock: Tailoring 1-525
Estimated wait on new orders: 10 Days

I am selling leveling kits for all professions. Each kit contains all of the necessary materials to level from 1-525 when following the guide listed on wow-professions.com. The Alchemy kit also includes the materials for the epic trinket of your choice.

Prices: All prices are negotiable. Contact me by in game mail or chat if you have any questions, or to work out a price that is fair to both sides.

Receiving: Once a price has been agreed on, I will invite you or your bank alt into my guild to verify that all of the items are present. When you have taken a screen cap of the agreement in chat log and deposited the gold, I will promote you within the guild to begin removing the materials.

I have used the guide at wow-profession.com with great success in the past, but if for any reason something extra is needed, I will get it for you at no additional charge.
Price on Blacksmithing ?
Blacksmithing kit sold.

I still have:
Engineering 1-525
Alchemy 1-525 6.5k

If interested pst me or by bank alt Mordamur in game.
Can you get me one for inscriptioning?
give me a price if u could.
Engineering sold.

Alchemy 1-525 still available 6.5k.
Please contact me if you ever do an engineering one on alliance.
Hey we've come to a decision get a hold of me whenever you're online or I'm online, I'll be on after 830pm for sure.
Just a heads up for everyone, Very legit service, willing to help out w/ the mats that ur missing if needed, and very decent prices!
Alchemy 1-525

I NEED that one bad!! In game mail me if you still have it or would be willing to put another one together soon!
Ill be on after5p server time :)
Thanks to all whom have purchased a profession kit.
All current orders have been filled; any new order will be completed within 2-3 days.

In stock and available for pickup:

Currently restocking:

I do not normally stock, but will take orders for any other profession.

In addition to profession kits, I also provide a Heavy Junkbox farming service for those working on their "Insane" title.

I will be taking orders until the release of Mists of Pandaria.
CoD the alchemy one to me for 5.5k as you advertise and we have a deal.
Interested in a Jewelcrafting set. Please let me know if you have one and price. Thank you.
Want to purchase engineering kit. Added you ingame.
I just added you in game and will be sending you some mail with my real ID. Wanting to buy an Alchemy kit since the last one I was waiting 2 weeks on fell through. Really REALLY need one of these in the next week or two before MoP if possible. If you are too swamped no worries, I know how life can go!

Thanks again,

VERY good businessman here. Very polite, had everything organized and in order for me, and was willing to explain anything I asked. He was also very quick to respond and had everything nicely laid out.

HIGHLY recommended and I would definitely do business again. Buy with confidence and enjoy your profession kit before MoP hits, guys!

Thanks again, man. See ya
It's going to take me about ten days to finish my current orders, although I am taking new orders until the release of MoP. If you are in a hurry to get your kit, you may want to try Izzybella. Her prices look very fair.

Current stock:
Tailoring 1-525
"All four bank tabs of it."

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