[A] Ante Meridiem (25) AM and PM raid teams.

as above
am druid tank clicks /discuss
AM doesn't have a druid tank /Discuss ;-)
MOP recruitment now :-)
Hey there!

I am a Balance Druid returning for MoP. I raided most of Cata and got 2/8HM DS before my guild server xferred and I took a break back in February. My server is dead and I'm looking into transferring. I would be interested in chatting with someone so if you are interested in me please add me to RealID: jmcclay@gmail.com


Hey there. I will add you when i log into the game in a little while. Thank you for your interest.
Hey guys, I sent Pretolkos an in-game mail with my realID info, but in case he doesn't use realID for recruitment or something - what's a good time to log over and talk to either him or Ljay about the AMAM raid? I has questions.

I logged on about half an hour after the raid today but it looked like most everyone was gone :-( it's almost like it's the end of an expansion and everybody's bored or something!

edit: On second thought, you guys do a vent interview prior to an actual trial or guilding, so really I can just fill out the app and ask you questions later. I'll write it up lol
Pretty sure you are sorted now but if you are not, send me an ingame mail and i will hook you both up :)

Dps needed for MOP
up - need dps for MOP
accepting apps for MOP now.
bump ^
ty vensus
Hipcheck for more applicant friends!

I can testify firsthand that the hazing process isn't *TOO* bad.
yea, you lived so far there Tail ;)
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