Wyrmrest Accord

  • As a Guild our Primary Focus is simply Questing, Exploring, and Roleplaying all in Character. In this case as Kor'Kron and Grunts. We don't mind if you like raiding or pvp we like it now and then too but we don't focus on it as a guild.

    We enjoy Roleplaying in Orgrimmar and Questing Hubs. And we are also currently trying to get Non-Guild Members who Roleplay with KorKron and Grunt Armor together to do weekly events. Incase you decide not to join but still want to get together with us!

    Requirements to Join.
    You don't have to be Hardcore - Loremaster of all Knowledge - Type.
    But you must be willing to Roleplay.
    While we PREFER ORCS, Im open to Other Kalimdor Races. But youll have to come up with a Convincing Kor'Kron / Grunt Uniform.

    If you are interested in joining please contact me here on the WRA Forums or in game by mailing KIETHOO or speaking with other Members of the Guild.
    I'm curious about that since the reaction in the other thread now.
    With so much activity going on with our events it seems that more and more people are getting intrested in our guild.

    If you wish to join us we are opening our doors to recruitment !

    If you wish to join contact me or a member of the guild.
    You will be invited to the guild and have about 2 weeks of newbie time to make sure you can follow the rules. Be semi active with us and that you don't damage the name of the guild through being rude or a jerk to others of Wyrmrest Accord.
    Do the Korkron need to have the exalted and sunscale set, or can we go a different route with the armor?

    Also, from the looks of it, if we get Guards United off the ground, would you be interested in representing it on Red Side?
    While the armor isnt Required. For Roleplaying we do want you to get a set. To put some effort into trying to collect it. Which I myself am Happy to help those who wish to join do.

    There are many sets of Kor'Kron Armor.
    Any of which you may collect.

    But if you dont have one, your grunt armor will work fine for Roleplaying.

    I'm not sure what Guards United is. But it sounds like something that would intrested me.
    Guards United is an effort to bring Guard RP back, but not just bring it back, but take it back from the actions of others, as I have gathered, who tarnished the reputation of it for a year and a half before.

    As for my Kor'kron armor, I was debating taking a go at the Plate set of Might, swore I saw some Korkorn wearing that before, will need to research that more.
    Might used to be Saurfang's armor way back in the day.
    Never seen any other Kor'Kron wearing it other then Saurfang the Younger....may he rest in piece.

    If you want help lemme know.
    Im currently trying to collect more Exalted for a buncha people.
    I'll bump this! Because one: It's Keithoo, he's a awesome guy and two: great guild. If your even remotely intrested in Orcs this guild is for you.
    Hmm, I suppose I would just prefer Tathr to be lower on the Guard hierarchy I suppose, I play characters who take orders pretty well so, its more or less a comfort zone thing for myself.

    Also, working on a rough draft of Guard RP Guidelines, love to see some contribution from you when I get it up in the thread here soon, need to do some revamps of the rough draft with information I got from contributors yesterday.

    We are once again recruiting! Please send tell to either kiethoo or myself in game for more info. If you've been around orgrimmar much lately no doubt you've noticed our guild events, wether it be just at the tail, or in front of Garrosh's hold doing a player guild rank up ceremony.
    I saw Kiethoo in the throne room the other day.

    He just stood there, I got scared and ran away.
    I only came here because of Karob and I haven't roleplayed on Wyrmrest for a long time.

    Having said that, maybe I'll RP with you guys a bit, have a look at your events or what have you.

    I'll just leave my resume here: http://wyrmrest.wikia.com/wiki/Makorr_Stormclaw
    I have yet to interact with members of this guild, but I like it already. The hunt begins!
    Might used to be Saurfang's armor way back in the day.
    Never seen any other Kor'Kron wearing it other then Saurfang the Younger....may he rest in piece.

    If you want help lemme know.
    Im currently trying to collect more Exalted for a buncha people.

    *clears throat*

    *Points to set*

    just missing the pants.
    If you didnt see us tonight. We had another big gathering of Kor'Kron!
    We ran AQ40 all together, then walked around town like total badasses.

    Thanks for the fun my fellow Kor'kron.

    Well, bumps to you. Saw you lot amassing in Orgrimmar. I heard rumors that you think maybe it's time to take power away from the Cartels.....interesting......

    Keep up the good work!

    *clears throat*

    *Points to set*

    just missing the pants.

    I have a pair you can have.

    I just gave a pair to another Orc Grunt you might remember, Kor'Kron Morgrage.

    But....so far..
    I might have to get in contact with you later Kiethoo about a toon joining though I'll have to see if it would be fitting or not.

    Don't feel that you can't come to me with ideas or suggestions for your character joining my guild or even just roleplaying with the other Kor'Kron and myself or even the grunts.

    The other day I saw a Goblin walking around in the Grunt Set. She acted just as any other Orc Grunt would. Even gave me a salute as I walked by.

    Im always here on the forums to chat or ingame you can find me in my spot infront of Grommash Hold to talk.

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