25 man DS PuG on Saturdays

Aerie Peak
Good evening, Aerie Peak.

I'm trying to create a 25 man Normal DS PuG run on Saturdays, which will start invites at 5:30 PM Server (8:30 PM Eastern).
In order for such a run to form, I'm currently looking for decently geared individuals who actually know how to play their class to a good extent (ex: Pulling less than 25k on normal Ultraxion is BAD, as is dying to any mechanic in this joke of a raid.).

For those who are decently geared and competent players, whether they be mains or alts, please express your interest in a 25 man run with the given day and time (as stated above) either here on the forums, or leave me a message in-game. Only thing spoken for are gem clusters. Loot rules are also simple: /roll and one piece per person unless no one else needs it. As with my other pugs, "bad" players will NOT receive gear, so please don't waste your time or my time.

Feel free to post questions or comments.

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