<Bad Karma> LF Raiders MOP, [H]DS, Mount Runs

Guild Recruitment
Guild Info:<Bad Karma>
Korgath - Alliance
Level 25
Free Guild Repairs to Raiders
50 Person Vent
Guild Music Bot
Group 1 Raid Times: Tue/Wed 9:45 EST
Group 2 Raid Times: Wed/Thur 8:45 EST (Also used for Mount Runs/Old Content)

GM: Nessadevil (whisper for more info/questions)

What we are trying to accomplish:

Current:We enjoy raiding new/old content with a HM DS Progression group and all the way back to Naxx achievement runs. We do alot of mount runs and are looking for people interested in participating in mount runs in ULC, ICC, and HM FL.

Future:We are looking for a small core (1-2 raid groups) of people to carry into MOP together. We want to raid with the same people every week. We have 1 or 2 openings in our first core group and we are looking to start a second group as well.

About us:We are a mostly adult/mature group looking to have fun with the game in anyway possible. We like to be serious in progression raids and have fun with it at the same time. Everyone joins the guild the same rank and Ranks are earned through dedication, commitment, attendance etc. We are a very active and fun group. Non-elitist but can get stuff done at the same time. Pleasent environment for all types of players from PVE hardmodes to PVP gladiators and also social players.

Hope to see you soon! If you have any questions message Nessadevil on Korgath or post here and we will get in contact with you.

Please check us out at http://www.badkarmaofkorgath.shivtr.com to apply and get more info!
/bump website also currently under development
keep it up there
Yeah. We like to bump at night
This isn't where I parked my car
Here is a link to our new website. Please take the time to check it out and apply if you like what you see!

rubber buggy baby /bumpers
oh hey, dont mind me im just bumping
6/8 after smashing warmaster's heroic face! That deserves a bumpski
First night of attempts making it to plate 3 on heroic spine...without a warrior kite tank or paladin to aoe stun. This week our paladin healer is back. Be clearing it! Apply now to get on this gravy train
our thursday/friday night raid group needs solid ranged dps please visit
Badkarmaofkorgath.shivtr.com to apply!!!! spots open now!
An SV hunter would be huge for the buff, and we also ask you be dedicated, looking for tight fit in the core! hope to see you soon
yo, imma bump yo head!

Badkarma here to let you guys know our core 2 is losing its Mage. Really could use a ranged apply today! Other spots open so please if interested feel free love to see your apps soon
still seeking bodies, we just downed 8/8 Hardmode last night in one of our groups, other one working on heroics too! apply now!

still wanting to see some more apps so here's a bump!
bodies needed for raiding. we want good dedicated members. lets do it!

give us a look, app now for your chance at loot, community, and fun!
farming 8/8 heroic and wantiing more on our team for more farms, and progression in MoP

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