Indizzler from Lotus Infinte

Burning Legion
Indizzler posted in the early afternoon and evening BT transmorg run...Decided to take break from pvp after dinner and joined the run. entire run was fast and smooth...last boss Illidan during the fight , Indizzler changed the loot rules to master looter in combat...when the loot dropped he kept it all. there was 2 paladin lock priest tokens...tankadin a paladin asked for 1 and got 1 ....i asked for the other token ( there was no other pallies locks or priest) and didnt get one...i offerd to pay face value for the token and pointed out i dpsed him, so i didnt get carried ( im 393 pve) suprised i never afked to this guy Indizzler from Lotus Infinte would rather vendor the token for 5 gold then sell it to me for 5 gold....Really? IS that how u would want to be treated? Is there anyone else who could have used the token? Is the 5 gold and screwing someone over worth it ?
the glaives dropped..which doesnt concern me... a rogue named confiscate wanted them...3 people rolled on the glaives and confiscate had the high rolll. at this point Indizller was taking offers/bids for gold for the glaives...after about 8 minutes and the raid crying and pleading about the glaives a mage from OG got the glaives..according to raid chat the mage paid 3k for the glaives to Indizzler and he kept the gold all to himslef.. the mage (props to him sorry i dont remeber your name) then gave the glaives to confiscate the rogue...the rest of the loot was kept by Indizzler ...after the run and i was polite and cordial to indizzler for about 5 miuntes askig for the token...i figured being a jerk wsnt goin to get the token so i was nice and polite to him.. he asked for 600 gold for the token or i wasnt goin to get it.i told him thats to much anyways ..these mount drop runs and transmorg runs ..are they really worth it ? is every pug on burning legion filled with ninjas? is the safest way to do trasmorg or mount drop runs is to run with guildies or friends? i got a nice purple belt when the master looter thing wasnt on but i know it would have been funner to watch people go straight for the goldmine in ab and not get my conquest points then to be a part of this dishonest/unfun/shady/scandoulous practice called a "transmorg run"..guess ill just by by stuff of the ah....
This thread will do nothing, make a ticket and report it to a GM.
07/14/2012 09:24 AMPosted by Thehunterjr
This thread will do nothing, make a ticket and report it to a GM.

It's ment so that people know he will/may end up ninja'in items, so don't let him be Master looter or raider leader in any case, i for one, will not be in the same group as him now.
Well Indizzle is a huge !@#$%^-. So screw him
!@#$ing Og stealing everything

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