Looking for Raiding Alliance Guild

I'm a Holy / Prot / Can be ret Paladin, with a Resto shaman and Frost DK friend looking for an alliance raiding guild (my character on the left will be horde thats cause it hasn't updated yet)

Has to be at 8pm server time otherwise the resto sham can't make it. Could be 7:30 but raises the chance that he can't make it. Add me in game and let me know!
Hi there!

The Cabal is the oldest guild still active on Frostmourne. We are a medium sized raiding guild with the aim of clearing all content and downing all bosses. We look for loyalty and dedication above anything else in our members and strive to create a culture where the guild is more important that the individual. We also endeavour to give all members not just a raid group, but a guild to call home.

We raid 25m content, currently 8/8HM in Dragon Soul. Our raid times are 8pm til midnight AEST (server time) on Wednesday, Thursday, and Monday nights.

We are currently recruiting for current content as well as for MoP and I encourage you to apply through our website and forums, thecabal.wowstead.com.

Happy Raiding!

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