Bloodsail Buccaneer Repuatation

Due to the enormous amount of trouble it is getting together people for a Bloodsail Buccaneer reputation grind, I will be setting one up on Monday 7/16 to start at 12:00 server. If you are interested in farming this rep to get your title or (exalted in my case) then please respond to this or send me in game mail and I will add you to the list. We will be farming for about 3 hours but don't worry if you need to come late or leave early.

Things to note:
*We will be farming Booty Bay Bruisers to raise reputation
*It decreases your Steamwheedle Cartel reputation so be prepared
*It only takes HONORED to get your title, not exalted
*I am going for exalted, that is why I already have the achievement
*Exalted does not give any extra rewards, nothing past Honored does
*It takes about 2 hours with a good group to raise to honored

P.S. Please state your class/spec (none will be declined) as we DO need tank/s and healer/s so I need to be prepared. Thanks and I hope I can garner enough interest.
405 demo/affliction warlock, is the time 12:00 server AM or PM? Regardless, I will be there! =)
PM, so noon server time. And looking forward to seeing you. The more people we can get together the better.
That way is boring as hell. Now all you can do is kill first mate, the captain and shakes. Which I think the first mate gives a quest, so you have to deal with some upset people at times. Shakes respawns quick so that is a plus! =)
Grinding guards is the only way to EFFICIENTLY farm to exalted. Killing those guys will not raise MY reputation. Please read the post beforehand.

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