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I was curious as to whether there was (is) anything else in the game that boosts reputation gain from killing mobs aside from Diplomacy (human racial passive), Mr. Popularity (level 12 guild perk), and Battle Standard of Coordination (A Daily Routine guild achievement reward). I know certain tabards can boost reputation for certain factions, I'm talking about boosting reputation SOLELY by killing mobs. If anyone has pertinent information, that would be much appreciated!

[Diplomacy] (+10%) is a human racial trait.
Spirit of Sharing (+10%) is a buff available during the Pilgrim's Bounty holiday.
WoW's 7th Anniversary (+7% from kills) is a buff from the [Celebration Package] item mailed to, and only usable by, users during [WoW's 7th Anniversary] (November 20 to December 4, 2011).
Guild Rewards:
[Mr. Popularity] is a guild perk given to members of level 4 (+5%), or 12 (+10%), guilds.
Banner of Cooperation (+5%) available after completing [Working as a Team].
Standard of Unity (+10%) available after completing [Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero].
Battle Standard of Coordination (+15%) available after completing [A Daily Routine].
Faction specific:
Nazgrel's Fervor (+10% bonus to Thrallmar).
Trollbane's Command (+10% bonus to Honor Hold).
A'dal's Song of Battle (+10% bonus to the Sha'tar).

You can also gain bonus reputation VIA RaF.

Is reputation increased, as well?
Yes, though only by 10%. Bonus reputation will only come from monster kills that normally grant reputation. Reputation from quests does not receive this bonus.

Bonus reputation can only be earned when you would also be granted triple experience.
Also: with all three of those reputation gaining "perks" one gets a total of 35% increased reputation gain. This percentage is not compounded off the base reputation. Example: If a mob yields 25 flat reputation unassisted, with all 3 perks it gives 34.7875 points. Most of the time this is just round up to 35, but occasionally you will get a 34 rep gain. IF it went solely off the base, 33.75 reputation. This would yield a flat 34 with occasionally a 33 in the mix, but this is NOT the case.

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