Selling Profession Kits - GUARANTEED 1-525!

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Hello Mal'Ganis. I'm currently selling profession leveling kits GUARANTEED to contain everything you need to powerlevel your profession from 1-525. Here's how it works:

I create the kit according to an online guide and put it in my bank alt's guild bank. Then, I invite your unguilded character to my guild and provide access to view the tab(s) where I have the kits stored. I then give you the URL of the guide I used to assemble the kit so you can compare the tab's contents with the guide. Once you make payment for the kit, I promote you to have full access to the tab(s) that contain your materials. I even throw in 4 netherweave bags to help you move everything out of the tab more quickly.

Everything is done in-game, so every transaction is GM-enforceable. If I fail to provide enough materials for you to get to 525, I'll provide whatever is missing FREE OF CHARGE even if it means I have to farm it up myself.

Trust me, this is the absolute EASIEST way to powerlevel your professions. Please contact me in-game on Malavice, Garinni, Wolfgarn, Keratoma, Mootuary, Monmon, or Kitsales if you're interested in purchasing a kit. Thanks for reading!

Edited for clarity.
- Currently available kits -


I make kits for all professions short of first aid, mining, and cooking. Will start making those kits if demand is high enough.

*** Also looking for consistent herb farmers - PST in-game ***

Add these toons and look me up anytime:
  • Wolfgarn
  • Garinni
  • Kitsales
  • Keratoma
  • Mootuary
Added you in-game.
Thanks! Anyone is welcome to post requests here if you'd like.
I bought Malav's Alchemy kit. It was an entire alt's worth of bagspace. Delivery took about 10 minutes... and about 45 minutes of chatting and crafting later I was 525 alch, elixir spec (even though the kit was for xmute) with a couple leftover mats... had to buy 5 bruiseweed because I can't read instructions, but lucked out on some of the yellow crafts in the guide he linked me so i had TBC and wrath herbs to spare.
Couldn't reach you in-game, but I'm interested in an Alchemy kit when you've got them back in stock. What's your price?
Currently building 2 alchemy kits and have requests for BS, tailoring, and cooking. If you post your request here, I'll get back to you as soon as the kit is ready. Thanks for your interest!
how much would it be for a cooking kit ?
07/16/2012 02:15 PMPosted by Asteross
how much would it be for a cooking kit ?

I honestly have no idea until I put one together. I'll update you with a price once I have. Thanks!
I spoke with you briefly in game requesting a scribe kit for one of my alts, you said to post my request here as you were about to log. Anyways, if you could reach me in game or on here once you get a kit together that would be great! Thanks!
How much for Engineering and Tailoring? I'd need Eng for my Hunter and Tailor for my mage.
Also could that be a combo? :P
Ingame mail this character if you can do it.
How much for Engineering and Tailoring? I'd need Eng for my Hunter and Tailor for my mage.
Also could that be a combo? :P
Ingame mail this character if you can do it.

Of course that will work as a combo :) But just like K-Mart, I have to charge full price for the more expensive item and discount the cheaper one.

The tailoring kit is definitely possible and almost ready, but I have yet to start the engineering kit. TBH, I'm scared of that one lol.
Engineering isn't bad, tbh. But I would like to inquire how much an insc/bs kit plus a LW/tailoring kit would cost. Not entirely sure I'm going to buy all four at the moment, but definitely interested in obtaining an estimate. Definitely willing to buy at least 2/4, depending on prices. <3
I'm putting an inscription kit together now and I suspect it'll be less than 10k. The tailoring kit I have ready was a huge investment and if I ask any less than 23k for it, I'll be taking a loss (according to how much I value my time, obviously).

LW? No idea on that one yet. The 1000ish Borean Leather is going to be a huge investment, I'm sure. As a guess? 15k, but that's VERY rough; could go for more, could go for less.

Still unsure on the engineering kit. I'm going to start on that one after I get this inscription kit done and another of my top sellers (Xmute Alch).
@Dantus - Your Inscription kit is ready. Please check your in-game mail.
Alright. Thank you very much. I might be contacting you in-game within the next week or two to purchase one (or more) :)
Tailoring, enchanting, and leatherworking will now require a deposit of 10k. I simply can't crowd my bank space and take the risk of someone changing their mind on those kits. Furthermore, the tailoring kit is taking up 4 tabs in my guild bank and if someone wants to buy it for 20k, I'll let it go at that price today.

"20k!? That's expensive!"

No, not really. When you consider the number of frostweave cloth include and how many days it takes to farm it all or buy it from the AH for reasonable prices, 20k is a great deal. I'm only making profit on the kit at 20k if you consider only what I have invested in materials and not time invested for farming and organizing the materials. Certainly the convenience factor should increase the value of the kit just a little too.
How much for an Engineering Kit? :)
I won't know until I have one together. I need to restock a BS kit I just sold a partial of and then I'll be looking at the engineering kit. Will let you know here, but up in the 2nd post of the thread.

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