Selling Profession Kits - GUARANTEED 1-525!

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Interested in an Enchanting (Don't want it if it's too expensive) as well as an Alchemy Transmute kit.

Let me know prices in game or here.
Just bumping because of an in-game request. Thanks.
Fantastic, can't thank you enough for selling these xD pretty good price too! 1-525 in an hour after buying the alchemy kit :D
Just bought the Transmute Alchemy kit. He's legit. Delivery (based on on fast you can right click) was <5 mins. So quick, so easy. Why would you waste your time doing another type of power-leveling!? I'm a customer, and will be for a while!
WTB Alchemy and BS!
Bump! XD
I want a BS kit up to socket bracer/glove for an alt let me know
Revamped my spreadsheets to make kit assembly much quicker. Should be able to deliver more kits more quickly so long as my suppliers can keep up. :)
BUMP & Still need that BS Kit!
Would like to buy a JC kit if you have any, if not i would buy if you made one. Also would like a estimated time and price on a Engineering kit.
Any chance of enchanting kits? Contact in game or post price here if you'll be doing one
Send me a tell on this char (bootyclapp) or captslapaho. Want to buy an inscription kit, have the gold and willing to buy asap.
Please try to catch me online on one of my toons:


I don't like telling paying customers they have to wait in line when I don't know how long it will be until I'm lucky enough to catch online those folks requesting kits here. If you catch me online and I have a kit available, it's yours. I'll be putting these kits together for as long as the demand holds up, and I anticipate a ton of demand at the launch of MoP.
How much for a BS + JC kit?
I don't like to quote prices in this thread because I base my prices on current market value of the total of materials combined. Whisper any of my toons in-game and I can pull you a number within a minute. I'm pretty close to having both a BS and a JC kit ready, so if you catch me on I can probably get it ready for you in about 20-30 mins.
Got any Alchemy or Leather working Kits?
I can do both. I need to log on and take inventory to be able to tell you how far from an Alch kit I am, and I'm not terribly far from having a LW kit ready.
Great service, very fast and effective. Glad I made the trade. :)

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