Selling Profession Kits - GUARANTEED 1-525!

Well id very much like to snag a LW Kite when are you usually online?
I'm online sporadically. Just add my toons and test your luck. :)
Bump because a customer can't find the thread.
Havent seen you online :/
Look for Malavice, Garinni, Kitsales, Wolfgarn, Mootuary, Monmon, Keratoma. :)
Interested in both jc and xmute alchemy sets will pst in game.
Bought an Inscription kit from Malavice and was a great deal. Within 15 minutes I had all the mats needed to level to 525 Inscription.

Great price too, very reasonable and well worth it. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to level up a profession quickly. I've done before through the AH and cost more and took more time.

Thanks again!
Hey. I'm interested in the LW set. I added all your toons ingame. Also, whenever you make an enchanting set could you let me know the price?
WTB Engineering and BS kit.

Please message in game or mail in game@Syletarr
Great price, easy to use, I was pleased and will probably use this service again :)
Engineering kit worked perfectly got 1-525 in about 30mins

Great Seller
Hey, i sent you an in-game mail already but i'll also post here! Im looking for a Alchemy kit, xmute to be exact. i was wondering if you have in stock. I would appreciate an in-game mail/whisper of the price etc. and also if you can let me know if you have the kit in stock VIA reply :D

Interested in a Alchemy Kit and inscription kit, spoke to you in game.

How much would a BS Kit cost me?
I need a price check on a Tailoring and Enchanting package.
Want to buy an Engineering kit, you can catch me online realID

I will be looking for all professional leveling kits if the engineering one is complete and transaction is complete.
Haven't been able to catch you online, how much do you charge for an enchanting kit? I'm interested.
price check enchanting kit please
very interested in a JC kit
Hey everyone. I kinda had to take a forced vacation without warning. Anyhow, I'm back and putting kits together as fast as I can. I'll quote you prices in-game because they'll fluctuate depending on market conditions. Thanks!

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