Selling Profession Kits - GUARANTEED 1-525!

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Just bought a inscription kit from him today! great guy, he will help you out! Tell him lumbuscobob sent you!
you online atm? if so contact me :)
Ill buy JC let me know price
I'd be interested in the least expensive two of Inscription, Leatherworking, and Engineering.

If the prices are near to each other then I'd want to go with LW and Eng, but I'm happy with whatever you have available.

I've added you to friends, otherwise look for me on either this character or my shaman, Tyrzo
Just bought an inscription set from him/her. FANTASTIC trade. Very trustworthy, i gave him/her the money upfront and he/she did'nt run off with it (which i would imagine most would do given the opportunity). I leveled to 1-525 inscription in minutes. :)
Interested in a LW Kit, maybe JC as well. I'll find you in game.
Back in business! Add my toons in-game (found on page 1) and look for me. Demand is massive right now and I'm way behind, so it's first come, first served.
How much for a Scribe Kit ?

how much for alchemy / engineering / blacksmithing
I'll give estimates in-game only. Market conditions change by the hour.
I bought an inscription kit from Malavice. Great service and delivery, everything was there.
I highly recommend him. :)
Thanks again Malavice!
I purchased a blacksmithing kit for my monk from Malavice. Everything went smoothly and the service was friendly, highly recommended.
Id like to buy another kit or 2 tailoring and a blacksmith one.

I bought a scribe and engineer kit from you already
I bought an engineering kit, was delivered quickly and efficiently! Thank you!
How much for a tailoring kit?
Bought an inscription kit, great price and amazing service, def recommend to anyone else.
Bumping for Liiviix.
Worth it payed my fee for inscrip and bam in 30 min I was 525 and within the next hr was 600 Great deal can't wait for his alch kit to be up!
Great guide / Kit.

First time buying a kit. Was VERY nervous. It's not everyday you give 12k to a stranger.

Well all nervousness aside, he was very nice and helped me through it. He DID supply the needed materials that I missed due to not skilling up. So overall 10/10 in my book, and will probably go back soon when I can afford another kit.

If you choose this guy's guides, tell him Shadowbathed sent ya! ;)

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