[H] Returning Veteran seeking solid guild

Hello people of Hyjal. ^.^

I am a returning veteran of WoW looking for a solid guild, mostly on the PvE side.
Played WoW for six years, I quit for six months. Got rid of my account and all.
Saw Blizzard was having a summer sale and got dragged in again. I'm having a lot more fun this time around just enjoying the game and it's environment rather than focusing on simulation tests for my character.

I've been in top 100 US guilds previously in Wrath and BC. Just looking for a good guild with a nice community and some skilled players. I really have no problem filling out an app if need be or waiting until 85. Figured I would take a look at some of the guilds on here since I'm completely new to the server. Played on Illidan previous to this.

Thanks for your time,
Just to clarify, I'm not looking to join your "great" up and coming guild for the expansion.
Looking for a guild that's been around a little bit and has something to show for itself.
apply at math.enjin.com
Please be welcome to visit us.


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