[a] Yverin Pug 6-8 Heroic

I Have formed may pugs with in the last month on this server and every pug i make will always go 5-8 or 6-8 Heroic DS and i have 3 groups i am making my 3rd group for my Alt and we are looking for people who want to join MUST Know 4-8 heroic and pull 30k+ dps and have a Ilvl of 395
So far i need Every Spot Healer, Tank , and R dps and Melee dps Please Msg me in Game if u are intrested or post here and i will get back at you =)

Please looking for good people and will check all achivs and if will want proof of your dps.

The Days i run these groups are
Tuesday 3Pm ST 6-8 heroic progressed Needs Healer with dps OS Perf shammy or druid and Tank Perf DK
Thursday 8Pm ST New group Need every class Will run 5-8 Heroic on first Run
Friday 3Pm ST Full runs 8-8 Heroic

You can whisper me in game on Talenor or u can Send me in game name
When are you on?

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