07/31/2012 09:49 AMPosted by Soulfrost
Fire Mage here 2080 XP as fire in RBG's. 2K XP in 2's and 3's as fire so I do have experience in the spec, and know how to cross CC and callout what I'm doing and when I am doing it. The other fire mage that you are planning to recruit has not even broken 1750 in Arena. Also I have been fire maging since Burning Crusade and know the spec/class inside and out. So you could either pick the Mutt, or the Purebred.

Cool story,but getting 2k in rbgs isn't quite hard ^.^
Plus he has pve gear too
wish i wasn't alliance I'm a 1900 cr lock with cunning
so much for this. season is ending.

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