★TF - Win a Deathwing Mount/Title July 13th!★

My guild on KJ did this last week, we had an amazing turn out, I hope you guys are as successful with it as we were.
Looks like I'll be going commando.

I won't win, though.
Not with that attitude you won't!
Wish I could be there to join in the fun!

Too bad I have work :/

Why can't you guys do it super late night so all my guild can join in!? :D

Have fun everyone!
3 hours to go!
Well played event! did the chest despawn or did someone win? i cannot see what you are yelling cuz im alli =D thanks again for the awesome show put on!
btw perrier, ur dumb this has worked before on other realms, you didnt have to participate if you didnt want to. I think everyone had a good time which really matters
The chest despawned and Zemme stated that it will continue every 3 hours until there is a winner.
Its ok, let perrier have his dorkfit. Leave it to the allies to whine about getting free stuff! - I gotta drive out to AZ tonight and wont be able to watch the 9pm one but GL TO EVERYONE!
grats to whoever that guy that won was
Awesome I will be back Sunday and we will talk! Congrats
hey guys one of my guildlys recorede the frist fight at the 6pm fight heres the link
Thank you all for coming out and participating. We're glad everyone enjoyed themselves and grats to Raiune for looting the chest in the 9pm event. It was a great turnout and I hope we can do more fun events like this in the future.

To dispel any rumors or anything, there is no gimmick or joke or elaborate plan in play here. TF raiders and trial raiders all have the mount and we figured this would be a nice and fun way to give something back to a server that has been good to us.

Thanks guys, was fun and can't wait for the next one. <3 TF
Again thanks guys for coming out. I will be throwin up a video as well with music flying around the event. Stay tuned and thanks Kaelre for throwing up a video as well.
Also estimated probably over 100 people in the arena watchin/participating. /who caps out at 49 and I know there were more than that in the battle alone.
this is lame. TF put this together so morons like themselves could AoE the chest, so no one ever wins, so they don't have to give a run. It's just a play to get the Alliance population out here to get roflstomped.

Lame is not having the balls to post on your main. On the other hand, I think it was a great idea by TF. Very fun to watch and definately beats sitting in Org. Nice change of pace. Props to TF for putting on an amazing event!

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