Hityahard Lf Erelationship

Burning Legion
Hity is now looking for an Erelationship (WOW).

She plays alliance on the Burning Legion server, being an avid follower of J-Beebs, she loves long walks on the beaches of STV and loving the RP and ERP long time.

Requirements: MUSTS
Be of the black ethnicity
Have Blue Eyes
Speak fluent English, and be able to speak fluent !@#$%ian.
Have Blonde hair
Doesn't matter the sex Male or Female.

You may also in-game Hityahard on Alliance if you'd be interested on a date
Awh, you didn't have to go through all this trouble! Too sweet, Manny. :*

ps. I approve of this message.
Just need to get you back out into the world, I know your last love broke your heart </3
Bump, Looking for an Edate tonight in about an HOUR
I got you baby. Hmu hordeside.

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