Herald of the Titans #2!! (NEED HEALERS)

Hello there,

To avoid the lull between expansions I have decided I am going to attempt to get the Herald of the Titans Feat of Strength. This is no longer an achievement, but still rewards the Feat of Strength as well as the title, "Herald of the Titan".

For those of you who do not know what, or how to obtain the Herald of Titans Feat of Strength you must meet all of the of the following conditions:
Defeat Algalon the Observer in 10-player mode
Be level 80
Turn off your XP gain
Have the entire raid wearing armor whom's item level is equivalent or lower to what is dropped in Ulduar. (226 or lower)
Any weapons from ToC10m or lower (232) is allowed.
For this achievement we will 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 5 dps.

If you want to be apart of this, please send me an in-game message, or simply reply to this post with what class/spec you want to bring. I will be updating this post from time to time. I will not set a date on this until there is enough people signed up.

Please research the fights if you do not know them or are unfamiliar with them. Alagalon will be our main goal, but if time permits we might as well try and clear as much as we can!

copied from frai

edit: i'm going to post it to open raid on Tuesday, just letting people on garona get first call

- Yumadtho (DRUID)
- Torchs (PALADIN)


- Aerian (PRIEST)


- Leonavian (MAGE)
- Alacuson (PRIEST)
- Fraixo (PALADIN)
- Picklefúcker (ROGUE)
- Astaroman (HUNTER)
Fraixo - Ret Pally :)

Also, should you not get enough interest on Garona, I would suggesting using sites such as Openraid.us as well as the Achievement and Guild Advancement forums to help fill in slots.


Hi! I am interested in doing this run, I was going to set one up myself but I found this post. I can be either Tank or Heals as I will be gearing for both from heroic's and naxx ect. If you want me to go then I will be watching this thread, I can add you to my real id.

Just wanted to edit this: I am more geared as a Prot Paladin now.

Edit Edit: I might log out in cataclysm gear, it seems I get more JP from doing those dungeons then the LK Heroic ones :(
Grief this be picklepaws, id gladly come with on this character once i get the gear for it
Hello! I would like to sign up for this raid please! Count me in - Elemental Shaman. I also agree that you should start this raid up on http://www.openraid.us it makes it easier to manage those of us cross realm.
I can tank. Friend of Frai's on KT. My main is on Garona though.
I can tank if need be, and let Arget dps. But either is good with me.

I meant to post this on Frai. I am getting a weird forum bug. :(
Griefers, make Saravians priest heal =) I'm sure he would love to do that.
Arget no longer has interest in this, but sends his best regards hopes the run goes well!
i no longer have interest in arget
07/18/2012 12:15 AMPosted by Griefing
i no longer have interest in arget

Works out just fine then.
I guess I can heal it. Just need help gearing.
soo many priests wanting to heal x_x
You can take me off the list, my horde group is almost ready so I will be transferring factions soon. Also would have appreciated a little warning that it was canceled, I'm on west coast time and staying up until 5am only to have a no raid made me pretty grumpy
it IS scheduled for today at 7 pm

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