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Wyrmrest Accord
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Yes, we are open every week, by 8 at the latest.

Weekly promotions, a variety of genre and company!

I'm there every week unless I have something serious going on, and
of course I give ports, if I am spinning at that time, might be a delay in response time.

Late entry for 8/19 : Wait, why is this thread closed? I'm too tired to delete all of my entries.
Ellenä cheers and dances!
Sorry I missed it! I am usually there every week, though.
Tonight for 7/28 we have our Valliac!

I'll be there for a bit, but I won't dj. When I'm stressing about the night at work ahead of me, it messes with my groove.

I have hired a new orc security guard who I have yet to explain the rules to.
Yay Valliac! I'm taking a break this evening, but I will be listening! Looking forward to it. :)
A little wiped from mixing last night for Trix and working/hauling !@#$ today, BUT IM HERE.

Totally gonna be here.
I assume we're running tonight.
I'll be there evening. Though may be on a different toon.

Look forward to seeing everyone!
Saturday August 4, 2012

Line up tonight is DJ Valliac and DJ Rage.

Come join us in The Underbelly of Dalaran, Circle of Wills for the late night party!

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