[H] Ulduar/ICC - Mount Farming

Bump, were runing tomorrow night again!
Run will be tonight on schedule as ussual.
Need some new regulars for our runs!
This is on again tonight. Smooth flowing hour run.
No fancy helicopter this week :/ Invites for next raid are up on openraid, check it out :D
Bump another run tonight
Bump for next week
Bump for next run.
Bumping for new ICC edition to runs!
Bump need more dps/tank for ICC :)
What are the policies on bloods, shards, infusions, etc.?
The first week the infusions are reserved, after that we will go by members of the group.

Bump by the way :D
Bump, under an hour clears for both runs!
Bump! Looking for more regulars for both runs :)
Last nights runs were both great, 18 for ulduar and 25 for ICC looking forward to more of that!
I signed up, looking forward to this.
Signed up looking forward to this

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