[H] Ulduar/ICC - Mount Farming

Update: After long consideration I have decided to make the decision to make the Ulduar group a ten man, we will clear on ten man and then finish Yogg on 25 man. I would like to thank and apologize to those who have joined us these past few months in making our runs successful. If it is any consolation I will transfer your roll bonus from the Ulduar run to the ICC (if you have interest and have yet to join us there) as the ICC group will remain 25 man.
Bump: http://www.openraid.us/index.php/users/raid/69450/

LFM for ICC tomorrow :)
BUMP!!! ICC tonight! Come for a chance at a fancy pony :)

P.S If you are too shy for openraid or something (seems to be common) feel free to contact me in game and give me your battle tag or here, as long as you show up on time for the raid.
BUMP! Tomorrow is ICC, so after seeing the Hobbit come kill some Lich King :)
It says in ur post unless specifically told, infusions arent going to happen, does that mean you make acceptions :)?
Have you guys seen either mount yet?

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