10man 7/16heroic 16/16 Reg lf hpally

Area 52
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<Take it to Eighty Eight>

Raid times: Tue/Wed/Thur 9pm - 1am EST
Server: Area 52
Faction: Horde
Format: 10 man
Progression:6/6 heroic MSV
6/6 and 1/6 heroic HoF
4/4 terrace

Website: http://takeittoeightyeight.enjin.com/

A bit about us:

Our DPS and heals consistently rank on World of Logs and we expect the same of applicants. We value skill and experience, as well as a good sense of humor. We are extremely dedicated and will not tolerate people slacking in any way. We are vocal in Mumble and don't hesitate to give criticism, or to take it. We put in the effort because to us the fun of the game lies in being the best we can possibly be. We believe in preparation and encourage strat discussions previous to raid. We cleared Mogushan Vaults and are looking for dedicated dps to go into heroics with.

Recruitment needs:

1 holy pally or resto shaman

Note: Gearing is tight going into heroics. We expect applicants to be in full or close to BiS heroic dungeon gear and have their charms of good fortune available. Additionally maxed cooking, maxed first aid and rep with the gear relevant factions is not optional.

All skilled applicants are urged to apply regardless of need.

What we expect you to be:

- Prepared for the content (know your class, have your enchant etc, know your PoV on fights, do your research. We aren't going to explain to you how to do your job.)

- Dedicated! If you are not willing to level on the Beta to try out the new raids, we don't need you. If you are not willing to contribute to strategy discussion in advance or willing to make sacrifices to attend scheduled raids this is not the place for you.

- Able to provide parses. Go run LFR or a pug and parse that if you have to, but don't bother applying without one.

- Have a highly competitive attitude. Constantly strive to improve yourself as well as the team.

What we offer:

- A professional, progression oriented Raid environment

- A group of people dedicated to pushing rankings

- A stable home

- An active guild with people online pretty much all the time

For more information check out our website takeittoeightyeight.enjin.com. If you have questions after that, contact me jennifer.appel@web.de or joshua.david.fraser@gmail.com.
Still need an exceptional hunter
still looking
I would be more than happy to try for the spot.
hiyas grief,

Your experience at least on this toon is lower than what we usually look for. If you feel confident in your skill and can play your class to the fullest, We would still like to see you app on our website. You will need parses and a screen shot.
To be honest i don't know what "parses" means
A Parse is a written recording of an encounter that you were participating in. It monitors your every action from DPS to how many times you stood in fire. World of logs is a prime example of a parse.
Thank you for the explanation (:
Hi I see you guys are also looking for a melee dps. Im 403 MS arms 400 OS Prot. Here are some of my parses.


hiyas, are you soaking on morchock in that parse? Also why do you have mining and skinning as your professions?
Yes im soaking in that one. This was the first toon I made and I picked those up for making money and never bothered to change them.
In that case your numbers on Morchock seem solid. would u consider changing the professions to something more viable?
Ya that wouldn't be a problem..
alright, feel free to drop of an application at our website takeittoeightyeight.enjin.com
if you have any further question, hit me up in game. One more thing: do you have Beta access?
still need a hunter
still need a hunter
If your looking for a solid guild this is the place to be, great guild to be apart of.
<3 thx! also still looking!

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